Robinett Family Association  


"Giving the Next Generation Wings and Roots"



Come, Explore the Robinett, Robinet, Robinette, Robnet Family!

---- Family is First and Last ----



Please join us and begin to explore, learn about and discover your
Robinett/Robinette/Robnett family. If you are not already a member
of the RFA we encourage you to become one. There are several new
areas of content available to members only such as an electronic form
of the RFA Journal. A sample RFA Journal is available for non-members
to view. Another new feature available to members is the RFA database.
Here you will be able to search our extensive database for your family

Active participation of members in the RFA is always encouraged. We
count on you to grow the organization and contribute to it. As an all
volunteer organization, we are only as strong as our members. We always
appreciate stories, thoughts, genealogy, and photos, which may be
included in the RFA Journal. And, of course, any family research data is
greatly appreciated in order that we may continue to refine and improve our

Currently we are preparing for our next Bi-Annual (2012) National
in Fulton, Missouri. This will mark 30 years of our Family coming
together in Fulton. We encourage you to stay in touch with
your roots by meeting with your relatives at this event. Come join us,
who knows, you might find it one of the most enjoyable actions you have
ever attempted!

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